Start Making Money as a Freelance Writer from Home TODAY! These 7 Ebooks Detail How

You can start making money as a freelance writer today!

Freelance writing is a career that allows you to work from home, set your own hours, set your own fees and determine how much you make. These 7 ebooks contain first-hand information on how to start, grow and maintain a successful freelance writing career.

Freelance writing is a career that allows you to work from home, set your own hours, set your own fees and determine how much you make.

The following ebooks contain first-hand information on how to start, grow and maintain a successful freelance career as a writer (editor, copy editor, proofreader, etc.).

You Get the Following 7 Titles -- for One Low Price

Everything You Need to Know to Start a Successful Freelance Career is Included in the Following 7 Ebooks

How to Really Make a Living as an Editorial Freelancer: In this ebook, editors, human resources professionals, managing editors & editorial directors – in short, the people who hire freelancers – were interviewed. They reveal exactly what you should do to get them to call you, how they like to be contacted, what you shouldn’t do (which is as important as knowing what to do) – and so much more. Read an excerpt here.

Advice from Successful Freelancers: How They Built Their Biz & How You Can Too! This ebook features interviews with real editorial freelancers who divulge how they got started; why they decided to go out on their own; how they acquired clients; advice to newbies entering the field — and more. A cross section of freelancers were interviewed – from college students to single moms and professionals. Read an excerpt here.

How to Get Your Biz on the Web Quickly & Affordably: An Easy-to-Follow Guide in Plain English for Those New to Internet Terminology & Web Technology. Be on the Web in less than a week — really! Read an excerpt here.

The Small Biz Owner's Completing Marketing Kit: No matter what type of business you have, you must market to be successful. In this ebook, 7 free & low-cost, easy-to-implement methods are discussed. Learn how to increase sales w/very little or no money (samples are included every step of the way). Read an excerpt here.

How to Break into Medical Editing/Copyediting: Many freelancers wonder about this very lucrative niche. This ebook answers such questions as: 1) How to break into medical editing/copyediting; 2) How much you can expect to make; What skills are needed; What a typical day is like; etc. Editors and copy editors with 5-15+ years of experience contributed to give a very concise first-hand view of this type of freelancing. Read an excerpt here.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Article Marketing: Results of a 30-day Article Marketing Experiment. Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your freelance business. Want proof? I conducted a 30-day article marketing experiment and chronicled the boost to my income. The following questions are answered – and much more: Is article marketing profitable; how it works; which sites work best; how often to submit; what to submit; how much money you can make, etc. Read an excerpt here.

7 Ways a Freelance Writer Can Expand Your Profits – No Matter What Your Business Is! I got the idea for this ebook when I wrote a few “prospecting” ebooks for clients to give a way to their customers. It is the perfect FREE giveaway to send out to potential clients. You can use it, for example: i) as an incentive to build your subscriber list; ii) as a free marketing tool to entice seminar, workshop and/or classroom subscribers; iii) as a follow-up promotional piece to send to contacts you make at networking events; etc. Read an excerpt here.

BONUS EBOOK! From Startup to Success. As the author of the aforementioned ebooks – and as a freelance writer since 1993 – I receive many inquiries about how I started my freelance career. In this in-depth report I answer such questions as how I acquired my first clients, what I did when I lost my biggest client two months after quitting my job, how I financed my first business — and more! Additionally, I outline 7 tips for aspiring & existing freelancers. Read an excerpt here.

How would you like to earn $100, $150, $200/day or more working from home as a freelance writer, editor and/or copy editor? Thousands are -- and you can too! If you can read and write, you can start a successful career as a freelance writer.

"But," you may be wondering, "why aren't more doing it?" Simply put, because they don't know how and/or don't believe it's possible. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and I know from personal experience that it is a career that practically anyone who can read and write can start.

This library of ebooks on freelance writing is a wealth of information that shows you how to shave years of time off of your learning curve -- and get you on the road to profitably much sooner. They literally can mean the difference between succeeding beyond your wildest dreams -- or having to stay stuck in, or go out and get, a 9-5 job.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
P.S.: Free Bonus Report Get the free report, How to Make $100/Day as a Freelance Writer. It outlines four steps that show you exactly how to make at least $100/day as a freelance writer. This report lists websites that pay for content -- you can start making money today!

P.P.S.: Want to start a successful freelance writing career, work from home and set your own rates? See all Inkwell Editorial Titles on e-Junkie.

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