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The FIRST and Most In-Depth Ebook You'll Find on How to Market Your Foreclosure Cleaning Business!

134 Pages of Free and Low-Cost Marketing Ideas to Get Your Phone Ringing with Clients Who Need Your Services

This ebook is a companion to the best-selling, How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business. It tells you everything you need to know to successfully market your foreclosure cleaning business. Whether you are a seasoned business professional or a new business owner, the free and low-cost techniques and samples included will help you to grow your foreclosure cleaning business as fast or as slow as you want.

By Customer Demand

As with the first ebook, this one was written because of customer demand. So many who bought the first ebook wanted more detail on how to go about acquiring clients for their foreclosure cleaning business. So within, I lay out all the free and low-cost ways I've used for years to get clients as a realtor -- and now as a foreclosure cleaning business owner.

Marketing is a skill -- a skill that must be developed to succeed in any business. As the title says, I only discuss shoestring, ie, free and low-cost marketing methods. This is because I know firsthand that most small business owners who are just starting out have little or no money to market. But, that shouldn't stop you from starting a business!

In fact, with the advent of the internet -- and especially in this type of business -- getting clients has never been easier or cheaper. Once you finish this ebook, you will have everything you need to effectively -- and cost consciously -- grow your foreclosure cleanup business. You don't need to shop around, do more research or wonder if there's something you're doing wrong if business is not going your way. If you follow the marketing methods outlined within -- consistently -- you WILL get business.

Good luck as you start on this amazing journey. While owning a foreclosure cleaning business is hard work, it is also very rewarding -- financially as well as personally.

Following is a detailed Table of Contents.

134 Pages of First-hand Marketing Wisdom to Get the Phone Ringing!

This ebook is structured into four parts. They are:


I have a degree in advertising and communications; hence, in this section I kind of take you to small business marketing school, so to speak. In discussing the various methods, I explain to you why it's important to do x, y and z; why a method is effective, when to use it, what niche to target; etc. This section will help you to become a better marketer no matter what kind of business you have.

Marketing Method #1: Email Marketing: Page 10

Cheap, Easy, Effective Online Advertising! If you haven't used e-mail to promote your foreclosure cleaning business, you are missing out. E-mail is probably the most effective -- and easiest -- method to use when marketing for jobs in this niche. And it's very cheap. We divulge in detail how to use it to get the best results.

Marketing Method #1A: "Quick & Dirty" Email Marketing: Page 16

If you choose not to sign up with a list management company, you can do what we call "quick and dirty" email marketing. What is this? We tell you what it is and how to do it the free, easy way!

Marketing Method #2: Newsletter Marketing: Page 17

Writing for Dollars! Marketing with newsletters is like writing for dollars. Why/how? If you spend anytime on the Internet at all, then you know that it seems everyone has a newsletter (aka e-zine, e-newsletter). You may question, "Are they effective?" And the answer is a resounding, "Yes!" We tell you the most important reasons why -- as well as how to set one up and distribute it for free!

Marketing Method #3: Postcard Marketing: Page 22

Postcards are Cheap, Effective Marketing Magic! I don't care what your business is, it can be marketed via postcards. And, they're cheap. You've received postcards in the mail from local gyms, the dentist, the eye doctor, etc. Because they're uncovered (no fussing with glue or clasps on envelopes), postcards are enormously popular. You'll learn the benefits of using this effective marketing technique, where to get them, how to put together an effective mailing -- and more!

Marketing Method #4: Press Release Marketing: Page 29

Use Marketing Might, Not Marketing Dollars! This one marketing tool has garnered Foreclosure Cleanup a lot of business -- in addition to raising our professional profile in the community. And the best thing about it? It's free! Did you see the news clip on our site featuring the business? We got on TV because I use press release marketing. I'll show you the exact email I sent to get this coverage -- and how you can too!

Marketing Method #5: Article Marketing: Page 39

Write and Distribute Articles to Get FREE Exposure for Your Business. This method costs absolutely nothing to implement. We'll tell you how to it to get the word out about your business. In fact, you'll never have to spend money to market your business if you use this method consistently.

Marketing Method #6: Sales Letter Marketing: Page 47

You Can Increase Sales & Generate Leads for the Cost of a First-Class Postage Stamp! Sales letters cost only 42ยข to mail (cost of first class postage as of this writing). They are a highly effective way to get the word out about your business. With our samples, you will know exactly what to put in an effective sales letter to get the phone ringing.

Marketing Method #7: Face-to-Face Marketing: Page 56

Get in Their Face! One frequently overlooked marketing method is face-to-face marketing. You can do this in a number of ways -- all of which we'll explain. We'll tell you exactly what to say and how to turn these meetings into repeat business and referrals.

Marketing Method #8: Website Marketing: Page 59

Having a Website is a Necessity to Grow Your Foreclosure Cleaning Business. As we discussed in Chapter 15 of the How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup ebook, in today's world, not having a website is pretty much the equivalent of not have a telephone, especially in the real estate industry. And this is exactly the business you're in, even though your focus is on foreclosure cleanup.

We'll tell you exactly what to do to get a website, how much it should cost, tell you about some do-it-yourself options, explain what you absolutely must put on your site -- and so much more. We do all of this in simple, easy-to-understand language.


In this part, we discuss:

How to Find and Market to Realtors Who Handle Foreclosures: Page 73

How to Find and Market to Mortgage Brokers/Loan Officers: Page 76

How to Find and Market to the REO Department of Banks: Page 78

How to Find and Market to Real Estate Investors: Page 80

How to Find and Market to Homeowner Associations: Page 82

How to Find and Market to "The Competition": Page 84

Other Ways to Market: Page 88


In this section, I list three special reports. Again, this is kind of taking you back to small business marketing school. They are marketing facts and principles I've applied to various businesses over the years. These reports contain some wisdom I've learned the hard way. Following the advice divulged, you can severely shorten your learning curve and make your foreclosure cleaning business a success that much sooner.

Special Report #1: The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make -- and How You Can Avoid Them!: Page 92

Special Report #2: Automating Your Marketing Plan: Page 94

Special Report #3: Go Surfing to Increase Sales . . . Internet surfing, that is!: Page 97


SAMPLE #1: Sales Letter to Realtors (Residential), Page 101

SAMPLE #2: Sales Letter to Realtors (Commercial), Page 102

SAMPLE #3: Postcard Sample, Page 103

SAMPLE #4: Business Card Samples, Page 105

SAMPLE #5: Flier Sample, to Realtors (Commercial and Residential), Page 106

SAMPLE #6: Marketing Email to Realtors, Residential, Page 107

SAMPLE #7: Marketing Email to Realtors, Commercial, Page 108

SAMPLE #8: Marketing Email to Real Estate Brokers, Commercial, Page 109

SAMPLE #9: Marketing Email to Real Estate Brokers (Residential & Commercial), Page 110

SAMPLE #10: Marketing Email to Real Estate Investors, Page 111

SAMPLE #11: Marketing Email to Landlords (Residential), Page 112

SAMPLE #12: Marketing Email to REO Departments of Banks, Page 113

SAMPLE #13: Marketing Email to Mortgage Companies, Page 114

SAMPLE #14: Marketing Email to Industry Contacts, Page115

SAMPLE #15: Marketing Email to HUD Management & Maintenance Contractors, Page 116
    Bonus Section: Subcontracting with HUD; How to Find HUD Contacts in Your Area, Page 117

SAMPLE #16: Online Classified Ad for Foreclosure Cleanup Work, Page 127

SAMPLE #17: Online Classified Ad for Real Estate Cleanup Work, Page 128

SAMPLE #18: Sample Newsletter to Realtors, Page 129

SAMPLE #19: Press Release Query Email to Send to Local Media Outlets, Page 130

SAMPLE #20: Blog Marketing -- Email Sent to Realtors to Promote RE Blog, Page 131

SAMPLE #21: Bonus Marketing Sample -- Letter to City & County Commissioners, Page 132


There's nothing like this ebook in print, on the internet or in bookstores! It is the only one of its kind and is chock full of first-hand marketing info anyone can use to grow a lucrative foreclosure cleaning business.

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