Foreclosure Call Log Intake Form

This forms helps you to grow your foreclosure cleaning business.

The form may seem like it’s not necessary; but it is. The Foreclosure Cleanup Call Log can provide valuable insight about your business, the estimates given out, trends in the geographical location of your business, etc.; necessary info you need to grow!

Foreclosure Cleanup Call Log (Call Intake Form), 1 Page, Legal Size, PDF Format

How to Use a Caller Log to Grow Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

As the owner of a foreclosure cleanup business, it's a great idea to use a call intake form (or caller log) for your business. This is a simple form that you or your receptionist should use when your business phone is answered.

Invaluable Insight

The foreclosure cleanup call intake form may seem like it’s not necessary; but it is. The Foreclosure Cleanup Call Log can provide valuable insight about your business, the estimates given out, trends in the geographical location of your business, effectiveness of advertising and public relations in certain seasons, and on and on.

This one simple form can ultimately help you manage and grow your foreclosure cleanup business for years to come.

How the Foreclosure Cleanup Caller Intake Form Can Help Grow Your Business

This one little form will do the following:

  • It will allow you to capture basic information from the potential client in a formalized manner.
  • The caller log will provide you with a phone answering script (for you or whomever you hire to answer your phones) so you’re not stumbling when you start to get calls. Your company will be prepared, professional and poised when the calls start coming in.
  • The caller log will ensure you get all the necessary details from the potential client so you are better equipped to give them an estimate when you get to the foreclosure cleaning job site. You won’t have to keep calling the client back to ask questions about items they want included in the estimate.

Call Patterns that Will Guide Your Decision-making

As the weeks pass, you’ll see a pattern in the times you receive calls. You’ll notice whether most of the calls are coming in the early evening, mid-day, or morning. The Foreclosure Cleanup Call Log will also reveal whether most of your call activity is happening at the end of the week or the beginning of the week, mid-month or end of month, etc.

Phone Activity vs. Actual Jobs

As your business grows, you will see which months you received the most phone activity versus actual jobs. Certain times of the month, you may be an “estimate machine,” but when you compare your call sheet to the actual foreclosure cleaning estimates you will have given out (and you compare them to the estimates that have ultimately panned out), you’ll notice a pattern that will guide your decision-making when it comes to choosing which estimates to actually handle.

For example, after a while you’ll be able to forecast by saying with some certainty that in this month we will receive so many calls, which will lend to approximately this many estimates, which will lend to this percentage of closed contracts.

You’ll be able to flip back through these intake sheets to see if your foreclosure cleanup calls spiked as a result of a certain advertisement you placed or a certain public relations piece that got picked up, etc.

You’ll be able to see where most of your calls are coming from, versus where most of the actual subject properties you’re working on are located.

How’d They Hear About You?

The line near the bottom of the Foreclosure Cleanup Call Log is invaluable because it asks, "How did you hear about us?" The answer to this question will guide you in placing ads, canceling ads, spending more dollars in certain areas, etc. You may not get through all of the questions on your call log with a caller, but do everything in your power to get that one question answered: “How’d you hear about us?”

Invaluable Tool

This simple form can provide valuable trend information about your industry that can ultimately help you grow your foreclosure cleanup business successfully for years to come.

Instant Download and UNLIMITED Printing

The Call Log is in PDF format. You can download it instantly upon purchasing. This blank form can be printed as many times as you need to, and used over and over again in your business. No need to ever worry about running out; it's yours forever, in an UNLIMITED quantity.


Foreclosure Cleanup Call Log, 1 Page, Legal Size, PDF Format (can also easily be printed in letter size).

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