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Lost Your Job?

Looking for a New Career?

Tired of Working for Someone Else?

Want to Capitalize on a Hot Business Trend?

A foreclosure cleanup business fits the bill. It's a lucrative business you can start almost immediately and there's plenty of work to go around -- and will be for some time to come. See Video of fast-growing Foreclosure Cleanup Company on Oprah: From 3 to 73 Employees!

Build a Lucrative Business for Years to Come

The great thing about a foreclosure cleaning business is that even when foreclosures aren't "hot" anymore, you'll still have a very profitable business. We'll show you how (see the marketing manual for more info).

This ebook package includes the following:

  • Includes FREE list of nationwide asset companies seeking subcontractors today!
  • Don't pay extra for a list of realtors who want to work with you. Includes FREE details on where to find an UNLIMITED number of realtors specializing in foreclosures right in your own area!
  • Includes FREE list of HUD companies looking to work with you (complete with full contact information, name, address, phone, fax, email!).
  • Don't pay for amateur, Xeroxed reports to arrive in the mail.
  • Don't pay extra for shipping and handling! **INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD THE BOOK NOW**
  • FREE details on writing contracts! We open our contracts to you so you see copies of actual bids! Specific breakdown on how we come up with bids, factors to consider, more!
  • Don't buy from non-professional companies. Learn from a professionally structured company that can teach you how to setup shop and compete effectively with a professional business image.
  • See the Table of Contents just below so you know what you're buying. (Golden Nugget: Before you purchase anyone's product, ask to see the Table of Contents!)
  • Don't buy from companies claiming to offer the same information: Get first-hand info from a PROVEN company.
  • Buyer Beware: Our ebook comes with copyright protected, watermarked pages. And, we don't sell it via mail. It is only sold as an instant download. Many are trying to capitalize off the foreclosure trend. Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC is a bonified company actively doing business in the metro Atlanta area. This is why we can give such detailed, first-hand information.

200 Pages of First-hand Information

Why This Book was Written

Chapter 1
Industry Overview

Chapter 2
Business Startup: Business Structure, Licensing, Insurance, Getting Your EIN and More

Chapter 3
Whet Your Appetite - A Peek at Some of the Jobs We've Handled

Chapter 4
Which Services to Offer

Chapter 5
How and Where to Find Clients
  • Includes FREE details on where to find an UNLIMITED number of realtors specializing in foreclosures right in your own area!
  • Includes FREE details on nationwide asset companies seeking subcontractors today!
  • Includes info on How to Get Business from Your Competition!
Chapter 6
Subcontracting with HUD (Includes FREE list of HUD companies looking to work with you (complete with full contact information, name, address, phone, fax, email!))

Chapter 7
Packaging Your Business to Target Non-foreclosure Clients

Chapter 8
Equipment, Supplies and Vehicles

Chapter 9
The Money: Writing Estimates, What to Charge, Getting Paid and Solving Cash Flow Problems

Chapter 10
Working with Laborers and Subcontractors

Chapter 11
Professional Image and Uniforms

Chapter 12
Safety Issues

Chapter 13
Advertising, Marketing and Low-cost Email Campaigns

Chapter 14
Public Relations and Press Releases

Chapter 15
Setting Up Your Website

Chapter 16
Green Cleaning: What's It All About and Should You Offer It

Chapter 17
Bonus Tidbits about the Foreclosure Cleanup Business
  • The Most Difficult Part
  • The Most Strenuous Part
  • The Most Surprising Thing
Chapter 18
How to Set Your Business Apart

Chapter 19
Potpourri of Golden Nuggets

Appendix I
Online Forms, Calculators, Resources and Guides
  • Interactive Financial Forms
  • Interactive Calculators
  • Other Resources and Guides
Appendix II
Sample of Starter Forms (directly from our business)
  • Our Initial Estimate Form
  • New Combo "Estimate and Contract" Form
  • Caller Log / Call Intake Form
  • Sample Estimates We Have Submitted
Appendix III
  • Sample Business License Application
  • Copy of Actual Biz License
  • Application for EIN (Form SS-4)
  • Copy of Official EIN Letter
  • W-9 Form

There's nothing in print like it, on the Internet or in bookstores! A solid, no-nonsense, First-Hand Account of the foreclosure cleanup business.

Start Part-time, with Little Money!

This is a business you really can start part-time, with little start-up money. You can work it on the weekends and in the evenings until you build your business.

Marketing, Contracting, Pricing, Licensing, Insurance, And So Much More is Covered!

The book includes the following: Marketing Information, HUD Subcontractor Info, Start-up Sample Forms, Copies of Real Estimates, and so much more. You'll get Direction on Pricing, Niche Marketing, Working with Larger Contractors, Choosing Helpers, Licensing and Insurance info, and much, much more. 200 Pages of Information!

Peek at Some Real, Live Jobs!

Plus, you'll get a look at several jobs won and completed with a step-by-step account of how each job unfolded! All information is the first-hand account of an existing foreclosure cleanup business. We've packaged our business experience for you so you can hit the ground running!

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