How to Invest in Foreclosures Under 10K

Invest in cheap foreclosures and secure your financial future by retiring and living off paid-for property rental income.

How to Invest in a Home for Under 10K and Have a $45 Per Month Mortgage Payment!

Do you have an extra $45 per month?

Do you have an extra $1.50 per day?

Then you can start investing in real estate and secure your financial future!

So, you want to invest in real estate, but you’re smart and want to start out with a low-cost property. Great, because the lower the cost of the property, the lower the risk.

The foreclosure crisis has led to thousands of homes on the market priced under 10K! If you have an extra $45 per month to throw towards a mortgage payment (just an extra $1.50 per day!) you can invest in real estate and have a Mortgage Payment of $45 Per Month! This e-Report shows you how.

What You Will Learn In This Informative E-Report

How to find properties for under 10K to invest in;

How to run the “investing numbers” and what they mean;

How to research the best areas in which to buy cheap foreclosures;

Why you should pay cash (if you can) for cheap foreclosures;

Why NOT to escrow taxes and insurance when you buy cheap foreclosures;

The cost of landlord’s insurance on cheap foreclosures;

What Section 8 is and why it can be profitable when you buy cheap foreclosures;

Prepare for unexpected repairs (ie, how to plan for them so they don’t blow your budget);

Pitfalls to avoid when buying cheap foreclosures;

About fair market rents (how to find out what they are in your area); and most importantly

How to buy cheap foreclosures and start creating wealth (you’ll be amazed at how the numbers add up AND how quickly they add up!).



Realtor, Real Estate Investor, Landlord (Regular and Section 8) and a Foreclosure Cleaning Company Owner

I’m a realtor, real estate investor, landlord, and I own real estate companies (Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC (; Real Estate Cleanup (; and TheCassandraGroup (

I’ve seen the good, the bad and I’ve certainly seen AND experienced the ugly in this industry. But the time to invest in real estate is NOW (especially if you are young and don’t have much responsibility).

This e-guide gives you real information, from a first-hand source. It’s not fluff and it doesn’t say it never makes it sound easy. It’s for those who aren’t afraid to put in the sweat equity so they can secure their financial future. Speaking of which . . .

Secure Your Financial Future for Less Than $2/Day!

For less than a couple of bucks per day, some sweat and dedication, you can plan to retire early and collect rents on paid-for investment properties. If you have a retirement account, you’ve already likely seen it nose-dive in this market.

Real estate is a secure, long-term investment. It is, in fact, the number one way to accumulate wealth in this country.

So, hop on the bandwagon. It’s never been cheaper or easier to do so.

Good luck!
Cassandra Black
Your real estate partner in profit!
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