How to Publish a Profitable, Popular Freelance Writing Blog

Don't blog for $0! Learn how to wring profits out of your freelance writing blog.

If you're frustrated because your blog is getting little or no traffic, this ebook tells you how to change that -- almost immediately. Just implenting a little of the info included here can turn your blog into a profit-making machine!

How to Publish a Profitable, Popular Freelance Writing Blog takes an in-depth look at 8 components every freelance writing blog needs to make money and build a large subscriber list.

If you’re a freelance writer who already has a blog or is thinking about starting one, this 24-page ebook will give you everything you need to make your blog popular -- and most importantly, profitable. Starting or continuing to blog without reading this first could result in years of lost time -- and untold lost revenue -- because you could be "blogging in the dark," so to speak.

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Did you know? 51% of Bloggers Make $0 from Their Blogs!

That’s right – nothing! Less than 20% earn $1,000. Not even shooting for a grand? How about this? Only 14% earn even $200-$500/month. [Source: 2007 WNBC NYC Blogger Summit findings]

Freelance Writer Blog Questions This Ebook Answers

Should You Register Your Own Domain Name, Or Not (and why the wrong decision could cost you for years to come) (Found in Blog Success Component #1)

Which Blogging Platform to Use

The #1 tool to Use to Write Traffic-Generating Posts (Blog Success Component #7)

The Passive Way to Drive Massive Traffic to Any Freelance Writing Blog (Blog Success Component #3)

Industry Widgets to Consider Adding to Your Blog

How to Get Found in Search Engines (Blog Success Component #7)

How Long Your Posts Should Be

How Often You Should Post

The Article Marketing Trick I Use to Drive Short-term and Long-term Readers to My Blog

How to Build Reader Trust & Loyalty (Blog Success Component #1)

My blog ( is an integral part of marketing my freelance writing services, ebooks and telecourses. Without it, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. But, it took me a couple of years before I finally started seeing some real traffic – which is the key to marketing anything online.

3 Ways My Blog Has Benefited My Freelance Writing Business & Can Do the Same for You!

My blog has benefited me directly and indirectly.

Indirectly, it has done much -- on a personal and professional level. Some indirect benefits right off the top of my head though are: connected me with fellow freelancers, served as an avenue to vent my frustrations, given me invaluable feedback from readers and sparked ideas for new ebook and report titles.

As for directly making me money, my blog has benefited me in the following three ways. Yours can too!

1. Get Clients: Potential clients read it to get a handle on my writing style. Although it’s not written for them (it’s written for other freelancers), at least they can tell I know what I’m talking about – ie, I know my industry.

A number of clients have hired me based on their reading my blog alone. How cool is that!

2. Sell Products: I’ve sold a few thousand ebooks via blog marketing. A blog builds credibility, which leads to trust, then sales. Without it, I don’t think my ebook sales would be anywhere near what they are.

3. Ad Revenue: I’ve been approached at least half a dozen times over the last year or so by advertisers who want to buy space on my blog, and also by other niche ebook publishers. I haven’t taken advantage of this yet. I’ve stuck to large, mainstream ad revenue generators like Amazon and AdSense.

I didn’t feel I was set up to take advantage of these offers in a way that would benefit me long-term, or that I could charge what I wanted. But, that’s going to change over the next year or so. I’m in the process of having my site redesigned as of this writing (July 2008).

One of the reasons for doing this is to capitalize on private ad sales, which I think is the way to go. For more on this, read successful blogger John Chow’s take in this very illuminative post on how to sell private ads on your blog.

Make Money From Your Blog: A Blog Can Be a Profit Machine!

As you can see, a blog can serve as a profit-producing machine in a number of ways. But, all of the components that make it profitable – and popular – must be in place.

This blogging ebook on freelance writing lists them, and for only $4.95. Get your copy today. Download and read immediately!

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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