Make Money Writing Meta Tags

How would you like to make $100 for a couple of hours of work? You can writing meta tags! It's easy to do and can be quite lucrative. We explain how and why.

How to Make Money Writing Meta Tags for Websites
How would you like to make $100 for a couple of hours of work? You can with this service!


Meta tag writing is easy to do and can be quite lucrative. It’s also an easy service to sell to clients. This e-report will explain what meta tag writing is, how to do it and how to sell it to clients. By offering this service to clients, you easily accomplish the following:

3 Benefits of Selling Meta Tag Writing to Clients

1. Brand Yourself as an SEO Expert: When you say the phrase “meta tags,” most clients’ eyes glaze over. They have no idea what you’re talking about. But once you explain the simple concept to them, they’re like, “Oh, now I see!” Yes, I want that.

And, this is what sets you up as an search engine optimization (SEO) expert. When you know something that clients don’t know, and you explain it to them in terms they can understand, you immediately become a “knowledge source” for them. They will value your input more – across the board – and will purchase more for you.

So while your ultimate goal may be to simply make more money as a freelance writer, you’re really gaining so much more from offering this simple service. You’re setting yourself up as an SEO expert, which means you can charge more for other services you may be offering, eg, SEO article writing, press release writing, website analysis, etc.

2. Get More Work: As mentioned above, when you are considered the expert, clients tend to look to you for more than just one service. So for example, because you wrote the meta tags for their site, they may also ask you to do a series of SEO articles, or blog posts, or an SEO press release.

After all, YOU have a grip on this “SEO stuff.” They don’t. It just makes sense for them to use you for all of their SEO needs.

I can’t tell you how many times one simple little meta tag writing job has led to SEO article writing, then later on a press release, then later on an ebook explaining their service, etc.

3. Add a Lucrative Income Stream to Your Freelance Writing Business: Meta tag writing is very lucrative because it takes so little time to do it. And, it is a value-added service that – once explained to clients – they usually hire you for right away.

In this ebook, I explain exactly what meta tags are. Once you know what they are and how easy it is to write them, you’re going to be amazed that more freelance writers don’t offer this service!

How Much Should You Charge for Meta Tag Writing

When I first started to offer this service, I charged $10 per page to write three tags – the title, keyword and description tags (the ones we will be discussing). Then I upped it to $15, then $20. Now, I have a five-page, or $100 minimum for writing meta tags.

So if a client has a three-page site, I still charge $100 because for me, it’s all about using my time wisely as a freelance writer. I have so much going on (writing and promoting my ebooks, blogging, client projects, updating my websites) as a freelance writer that it’s not wise for me to schedule a $20 job. But, it is well worth my time to schedule a $100 job.

Each freelance writer is different though. If it only takes you a half-hour to do the job – and it will once I show you how – then it may be well worth it to you to charge by the page instead of having a minimum page/job rate.

The Web Designer Who Charges a Flat Rate

I have a good friend who is a web designer. She charges $125 to do meta tag writing for the simple sites she builds for her clients. Most of the sites she designs are two to three pages. I point this out to illustrate that rates for meta tag writing – like most freelance writing – are all over the map.

Feel free to use my pricing as a guideline. Charge more or less, depending on what you feel comfortable with.


What Are Meta Tags?
The Purpose of Meta Tags
Why Meta Tags Are Important

What Do Meta Tags Look Like?

Types of Meta Tags

How to Conduct Keyword Research for Meta Tags (FYI, have a client that charges $795 for a 1-day class on how to do this – extremely valuable info every web writer should know)

How To Sell Meta Tag Writing to Clients: After we cover what meta tags are, how to conduct research for them and how to charge for this service, you may be thinking, “How do I sell this service to clients if they don’t even know what it is?” Good question. I walk you through three ways to easily sell meta tag writing to clients. FYI, I have about a 50% close rate selling this service. You probably will too if you use the methods I outline in this e-report.

3 Ways to Sell Meta Tag Writing to Clients: Selling to the Unaware Client; Selling to the Aware Client; and Selling to the New Client (Who May Be Aware or Unaware)

How to Properly Conduct a Free Meta Tag Assessment: In my experience, this is why I have such a high close rate offering this service; I tell you exactly what to look for, which makes it easy to sell this service.


Writing meta tags is an excellent service for any freelance writer to add to his or her web writing service list. Knowing what meta tags are and how to conduct research for them is something that every web writer should know. It improves your effectiveness as a web/SEO writer, which means you grow your knowledge base.

Becoming more knowledgeable is invaluable to landing high-paying clients, which is something all freelance writers can use more of, no?

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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