Marketing Emails that Land Freelance Writing Jobs

Copy and paste these emails to start landing freelance writing jobs.

These emails make marketing for freelance writing jobs so easy -- you can literally cut and paste your way to freelance writing success!


A Note about What You Will Find Within

I’ve been a freelance writer (editor, proofreader, word processor) since 1993. My marketing methods have evolved over this time – from direct mail, to faxing, to article marketing, to email. Now, I use two methods almost exclusively – article marketing and email.

Who This E-Pamphlet Is For?

One of the reasons I've had such success over the years as a freelance writer is that I'm constantly honing my marketing skills. I’ve composed hundreds of marketing campaigns over the years – for clients, as well as my own ventures.


The e-book is fantastic! Great marketing e-mails. You are a genius!!!! Cross your fingers for me, this month should be my best ever. I should break the $3K mark! This is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's SO worth it! Creating a life I want to live, on my rules, to be able to help my folks, work where I want... this is so priceless! . . .You're changing lives for the better, Yuwanda. I know others may tell you this, but I'll never tire of making sure I tell you so again and again and again. -J., Freelance SEO Writer


Over the years, tons of freelancers, especially newbies, have contacted me asking what to say to prospects in an email to land freelance writing jobs. So I went to my swipe file and pulled some of my most effective marketing emails.

Some have proven to be wildly successful; others complete duds. With this report, you can avoid a lot of the marketing mistakes I've made because I not only lay out the actual emails I send to prospects for jobs, I give you a lot more info.

For example, I explain why the emails were worded a certain way, who they were sent to, why I believe they were successful -- and much more. This way, you won't be marketing in the dark or "just because I did x." You'll understand the rationale behind a specific email.

If you have limited experience marketing, no idea what to say when marketing for freelance writing work, or if you just need to get some fresh insight because your response rates have fallen, this report is for you.

Email marketing has been of the most effective methods I’ve used to land freelance writing jobs.

When I first started marketing for SEO writing jobs, some of my email campaigns garnered as much as a 25% response rate – no kidding! By response rate I mean prospects who received my emails and got back to me. This is huge, especially as these were “cold” emails, not from an in-house list.

So for example, if I would send out 20 emails, 4 prospects would get back to me to ask questions and/or flat out hire me for a job.

$0 Cost Marketing – Big Payoff

Email marketing is so popular because it is highly responsive compared to other types of marketing. Following are some recent stats from, a “leading authority of email marketing metrics."

Marketing e-mails using a house list are seeing an average open rate of nearly 20%, a click-through rate of 6.64% and a conversation rate of 1.73%- Direct Marketing Association (2010).

Email marketing is free – it literally costs nothing if you have access to the internet. And, it can bring almost immediate results.

It’s the only marketing method I used to launch my very successful foray into SEO writing back in 2007 and which others have gone on to duplicate, as the testimonials on this page highlight.

I literally started landing SEO writing clients within days after sending out my eblasts to prospects. In fact, I landed 14 projects in the first week. I detail the marketing plan I used to accomplish this in the SEO writing ebook, How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles, which can be found at the link just above.

Cut and Paste Your Way to Freelance Writing Success

Marketing for freelance writing work doesn't have to be difficult. With these emails, you can literally cut and paste your way to freelance writing success! Again, you get/learn:

11 emails I send out when I prospect for work;

Who they were sent to;

Why they were sent to certain prospects;

Info on why they worked;

What not to do when marketing for jobs;

What you should do when you market for writing jobs;

Why your initial contact is critical to landing immediate -- and future -- jobs;

The 5 most common mistakes freelancers make when marketing for freelance writing jobs;

What to say in your subject line;

What to say in your introductory line;

When to "niche" it;

and more.

All the best,

Yuwanda Black, Publisher/Freelance Writer

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