SEO Writing Examples: 10 Illustrative SEO Writing Samples

Want to know what an SEO article looks like?

This ebook contains 10, detailed SEO writing examples, including "Themed SEO Content." It's an SEO writing tutorial because it explains this type of web writing in detail.

About the Author’s SEO Writing Experience

My name is Yuwanda Black, and I'm the founder of New Media Words (, an SEO writing firm.

I publish a blog about SEO writing; developed and teach an SEO Copywriting Training course (see for details about both), and have written two best-selling ebooks on the subject, eg, How to Write SEO Copy That Sells; and How to Make $250+/Day -- Or More -- Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles.



While it had been around for more than a decade when I first wrote this ebook (Summer 2011), businesses have just started investing heavily in it within the last three to five years. It's a lucrative niche in freelance writing. I found it so lucrative that I changed the whole focus of my freelance writing career in 2007 -- offering this kind of content almost exclusively.

Why SEO Content Writing Is So Much Fun

I’ve written on everything from wedding cake toppers to oil drilling equipment. This is what makes this type of writing so fun. You never get bored because you’re constantly writing about something new.

Why SEO Writing Is Evergreen & Lucrative

The fact is, if you want to get found on the web, you need SEO content. And, this is what makes this form of writing evergreen and lucrative (if you know how to market and charge for it).

The ebook, How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles, details how to do just this. It’s the blueprint I used to launch my SEO writing career, and one many others have used effectively as well. You can read tons of testimonials at

How Knowing How to Write SEO Content Can Make You Money in a Number of Ways

I use my SEO writing skills to make money online in a number of ways. Two of the most lucrative are promoting my own line of ebooks ( and creating niche websites for passive income. Knowing how to write SEO content makes me much more successful than I ever dreamed I could be as a web entrepreneur.

Now that you know a bit more about my experience as an SEO writer, let’s get to how this ebook can help you.

Who This Ebook Can Help

This ebook is for those who may be thinking about starting an SEO writing career, but want a better understanding of what this type of copy looks like, the key concepts around it and how to write it.

Why SEO Writing Is Not Hard – Really!

SEO copy is not difficult to understand or create, but many are confused by some of the technicalities around it. Once they see a completely laid out article, they’re usually like, “Oh, that’s it.”

And yeah, it is.

Some experts say that more than 60% of us are visual learners, so that’s why I put this ebook together. This way you can SEE what an SEO article looks like, which helps you to better understand all of the tech language around it.

Once you get past this “tech speak,” you will have no problems comprehending how to write SEO content.

In this ebook, first I’ll explain what SEO writing is; then we’ll define some common terminology associated with this trade. After this, we’ll get into some particulars about how to write the copy, then we’ll get to the actual samples.

Following is a complete table of contents.



About the Author’s SEO Writing Experience, Page 5

What Is Content Marketing & What Does It Have to Do with SEO Writing? Page 5

Why SEO Content Writing is a High-Paying Niche, Page 5

Why SEO Writing Is Evergreen & Lucrative, Page 6

Why Knowing How to Write SEO Content Can Make You Money in a Number of Ways, Page 6

Who This Ebook Can Help, Page 7

Why SEO Writing Is Not Hard – Really! Page 7


What Is SEO Writing? SEO Copywriting Explained, Page 8

The Power of Knowing How to Write SEO Content: 3 Spots on the First Page of Google, Page 10

What Is a Keyword Phrase, Page 11

Commonly Used SEO Writing Terms, Page 13

The 5 Places Keywords Should Appear in Copy, Page 23

SEO Copywriting Made Easy: An SEO Writing Template You Can Use, Page 23


SEO Writing Sample #1, Page 25

SEO Writing Sample #2, Page 28

2 Things You Should Know about How Search Engines Recognize Keyword Phrases, Page 28

SEO Writing Sample #3, Page 30

SEO Writing Sample #4, Page 32

SEO Writing Sample #5, Page 34

SEO Writing Sample #6, Page 36

SEO Writing Sample #7, Page 38

SEO Writing Sample #8, Page 40

SEO Writing Sample #9 (Themed SEO Article), Page 42

SEO Writing Sample #10 (Themed SEO Article), Page 45


Free SEO & Internet Marketing Report, Page 49


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