Freelance Writers: 12 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Own Ebooks

Want to make more money than you ever dreamed as a freelance writer?

You can as a self-published ebook author. And, it's easier than ever. This ebook gives you 12 reasons - many you probably never even thought of - of why you should. I've published over 25 books as a freelance writer. And, all this advice is first-hand.


If you're a freelance writer, this ebook will give you a new way of thinking about your career, whether you've been doing it for years, or if you're a newbie.

If you’ve never thought concretely about it before, the info/ideas discussed here will start you thinking about things most freelancers – especially newbies – don’t take into account.

I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993, and didn’t experience real success until I started implementing some of the things discussed within. Hopefully this insight will help you do the same – and go on to create a more profitable, long-term career that you control – not outside forces.

To this end, following are 12 reasons I believe every freelance writer should write and self-publish their own ebooks.

Reason #1: This has taken my career in a whole new direction since I started writing and publishing my own ebooks: Page: 6

Reason #2: I no longer worry about this since I started building my "information empire." Page: 8

Reason #3: This has come a long way, making it more possible than ever to be a self-published author. Page: 10

Reason #4: Want to become a successful author; this reason is why you definitely SHOULD publish an ebook (in fact, many ebooks). Page: 13

Reason #5: I started landing more clients when I become an ebook writer, partly because of this reason. Page: 14

Reason #6: Never worry about finding a job again -- this reason is why. Page: 17

Reason #7: Why ebook writing will land you more clients -- this reason explains in detail. Page: 19

Reason #8: Don't want to worry / tired of worrying about when/if the next client project is going to come in? And, if it'll be enough to pay the bills? This reason explains why ebook writing can alleviate this worry. Page: 20

Reason #9: Never lose your competitive edge again -- as a freelance writer, online/internet marketer. This reason explains why. Page: 21

Reason #10: Would you rather be a rich writer or a "New York Times" best-selling author? The answer may surprise you after reading this reason. Page: 23

Reason #11: Like your sharp wit? Want to keep it into old age and stave off "mental mush"? Learn why you may be able to in this reason. Page: 25

Reason #12: Want an exciting career that can turn into other revenue streams? This reasons tells you how that's EXACTLY what's happened to me -- and why/how it can happen to you too! Page: 26

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