How to Find Ebook Writing and Editing Jobs

$1,600 for writing a 10-page ebook? It's possible. Learn why and how.

How Much Can You Earn as an Ebook Writer / Editor? The least amount I’ve earned is about $300. The most is around $1,600 – for a 10-page ebook (special report) for a client on social media. Learn how you can land these lucrative freelance writing jobs.

Like most of my ebooks, I wrote this one because I started receiving a lot of inquiries from subscribers to my various freelance writing blogs about how to land these types of gigs. This particular ebook was inspired by a post I wrote on, my freelance writing blog, entitled 10 Types of Digital Freelance Writing Jobs: They’re "Hot" and They Pay Well – Here’s What They Are (full post is pasted within).

This entry sparked a lot of interest from readers. For example, one commentor wrote:

Great post Yuwanda! Lots of good ideas to expand our reach, and a couple I had not considered, like ebook editing and writing special reports. I think as a follow up to this post, some may want to know the best places to find work in these various specialties. Like for example ebook editing, this is not a service that SEO/Web Design companies typically ask for.

Any thoughts on what type of marketing works best to find people who need this service?

Another wrote:

Hi Yuwanda,

Another useful, well-written and informative post, as always! But I do echo Paul’s comment about a possible follow-up with pointers on where writer’s might find e-book editing and special report writing jobs.

. . . we obviously appreciate that it’s really up to the individual to seek out new work assignments, and markets, etc., and it takes a lot of time and work to come up with the best possible work opportunities and client resources. But with your experience so far, I’m sure a few extra hints and tips on likely places to find this work would be very much appreciated.

Keep up the great work, meantime!


As self-publishing is growing, I foresee a need for ebook writing services growing right along with it. And this type of editorial work can pay very well.


How Much Can You Earn as an Ebook Writer / Editor?

The least amount I’ve earned from an ebook writing / editing project is probably around $300.

This was for editing an ebook of about 30 pages that a friend had written (I gave him a huge discount). And it was years ago – like 1999. He had very poor writing and grammar skills, but he published a small magazine and threw a lot of work my way, so I always gave him discount.

The most is around $1,600 – for a 10-page ebook (special report) on social media for a client. They used it as a free giveaway for a seminar they were giving.

I’ve given out ebook estimates for as much as $5,000; most of my estimates have fallen in the $1,000 to $3,000 range for ebooks that are anywhere from 5 to 40 pages long.

If you scour the web, you’ll see prices all over the map – from a low of $1 per page, to a high of $60,000 or more for ebooks of 200+ pages.

As you can see, ebook writing can be very lucrative. Hence, I thought I’d share my experiences and thoughts on how to go about finding this type of work.

Following is a complete Table of Contents.



How Much Can You Earn as an Ebook Writer / Editor , Page 3

Article: 10 Types of Digital Freelance Writing Jobs: They're "Hot" and They Pay Well – Here’s What They Are, Page 4

What You’ll Learn in This Ebook, Page 8

SECTION I: How to Market for Ebook Editing and Writing Jobs, Page 13

Marketing Method #1 (Cost: $0), Page 14

How to Quickly Build an Ebook Writing/Editing Prospect List Using This Method, Page 14

Land 36 Ebook Writing / Editing Jobs a Year? Page 16

Marketing Method #2 (Cost: Varies), Page 17

10 Places to Advertise on for Ebook Writing / Editing Jobs Using This Method, Page 17

4 Important Things to Look for before Investing in This Method, Page 18

Marketing Method #3 (Cost: $0), Page 21

Marketing Tip: How to Stand Out from the Crowd When Using This Method, Page 21

Marketing Method #4 (Cost: $0), Page 24

Sample Email to Send to Ebook Writing Prospects, Page 24

How to Find These Targets to Pitch Your Services To, Page 25

Marketing Tip: Don’t Forget to Build Your Contact Database When Using This Method – Here’s a Sample, Page 25

Marketing Method #5 (Cost: Free/Nominal), Page 26

A Potential $3,000+ Ebook Writing Project, Page 27

Marketing Method #6 (Cost: $0), Page 29

Why It’s Important to Do This If You Want to Provide Ebook Writing Services, Page 29

How to Decide What Your Free Ebook Should Be About, Page 29

Marketing Method #7 (Cost: $0), Page 32

7 Popular Places to Start Using This Method, Page 33

3 Rules to Remember When Using This Method, Page 33

Marketing Method #8 (Cost: $0), Page 34

Proof that This Method Works: 2 Spots on the First Page of Google, Page 36

How to Implement This Method to Start Driving Traffic to Your Ebook Writing Services Site/Blog, Page 38

The Basics of Implementing This Method in 4 Easy Steps, Page 39

Marketing Method #9 (Cost $0), Page 41

An Action Plan for Implementing This Method, Page 42

Marketing Method #10 (Cost: $0), Page 44

Samples of This Method In Use, Page 44

How Often to Use This Method, Page 46

The Drawback of Using This Method, Page 46

SECTION II: What to Expect from Ebook Editing and Writing Clients, Page 48

What to Expect from Ebook Editing and Writing Clients Who Know What They Want, Page 48

How I Answer Commonly Asked Questions from Clients Who Know What They Want, Page 48

What to Expect from Ebook Editing and Writing Clients Who Don’t Know What They Want, Page 50

The Ebook Project I Got Burned On: Some Lessons Learned, Page 51

The Type of Ebook Writing Client to Avoid at all Costs, Page 52

Sample Ebook Editing / Writing Contract, Page 53

Transcript of Actual Conversation with a Potential Ebook Writing Client, Page 57

Should You Charge Potential Ebook Writing/Editing Clients for Consultations? Page 67

SECTION III: Insight into How to Price Your Ebook Writing / Editing Services, Page 68

How We Price Ebook Writing Jobs at My Writing Company, Page 68

4 Areas to Pay Attention to When Pricing Ebook Editing and Writing Jobs, Page 68

6 Factors to Consider When Calculating Research Hours, Page 69

How Your Time Will Likely Break Down on an Ebook Writing Project, Page 70

SECTION IV: How to Put Together an Ebook Writing and Editing Estimate, Page 71

3 Ways to Charge for Ebook Writing and Editing Projects, Page 71

How to Put Together an Accurate Ebook Writing / Editing Job Estimate – An Example, Page 71

SECTION V: What Ebook Writing Services You Should Offer, Page 73

SECTION VI: Conclusion, Page 74


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