Freelance Writers: How to Stop Taking on Low-Paying Writing Jobs Once & For All

If you implement the advice within, I promise you, you'll never fall into the low- paying gig trap. You'll enjoy your career as a freelance writer, and set your rates to earn more than enough to earn a decent living.


Like many of the ebooks I write for Inkwell Editorial, this one was written because of the enormous number of questions I receive about freelance writing rates. Before we get to the heart of this ebook, there are a couple of things I want to point out.

A) Freelance Writing Rates are All Over the Place

Hence, what may be a “low rate” for you, may be a good or high one for someone else. It’s all relative.

My standard advice to new freelance writers is “charge what you need to make a living.” We delve into why this serves you well, especially as you gain more experience.

B) Why Setting Rates Freaks a Lot of Freelance Writers Out

This is normal, but if you don’t remember anything else from this ebook, remember this:

“Setting your freelance writing rates is as much a mental exercise as a physical one.”

What I mean by this is, many freelancers set their rates out of fear – fear that they’re not good enough; fear that they won’t land clients; fear that they’ll lose assignments to other writers who charge less; etc. Fear is never a good vantage point from which to operate – in any aspect of life.

How to Conquer the Fear of Setting Your Freelance Writing Rates & Set Yours to Make a Real Living

The way to do this is to arm yourself with knowledge -- of your niche, of what others charge, of how much you need to earn to cover your bills, etc.

You see, when you operate based on facts, then it’s easy to face the fear of losing a gig, for example, because you will know what goes into the process.

So if a client tries to low-ball you, you can easily pass because you’ll know that otherwise you’d be working for slave wages -- and that’s not why you became a freelance writer.

So just keep the two things I’ve talked about in this section in mind as you read this ebook. It will make it much easier for you to set your freelance writing rates with confidence – and stick to them.


If you implement the advice within -- as soon as you can at the beginning of your freelance writing career -- I promise you, you'll never fall into the low-paying writing gig trap.


If you've already started your freelance career and find that you've fallen into the trap of taking on low-paying gig, after low-paying gig, after low-paying gig, you can turn things around by implementing the steps outlined here.

It will give you a new handle on how to freelance -- successfully.

Following is just some of what's covered within.


How to Conquer the Fear of Setting Your Freelance Writing Rates & Set Yours to Make a Real Living

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