Is Freelance Writing the Right Career for You?: This 10-Question Assessment Test Will Tell You

Wondering if you have what it takes to succeed as a freelance writer?

Well, you don't have to anymore. Take this simple career assessment test to find out. It gives you in-depth insight into the skills and character traits needed to succeed as a freelance writer. Written by a freelancer with 20+ years of experience.

I've been a freelancer since 1993 and there are just certain traits that spell success; they're evergreen to the mix of being a successful freelancer – of any kind.

So if you've ever wondered how to become a freelance writer, or wondered if you have what it takes to succeed in this discipline, this assessment test will give you some great insight.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, and let me tell ya, there are some businesses I never would have started had I gotten some detailed insight -- like this test provides -- beforehand.

There are 10 questions. Answer them honestly because being real with yourself in business – indeed, in life – will keep you from making a whole lot of mistakes.

Believe me when I say, it's better to know before you start a business that it's not for you, than spend precious time and money trying to make it work – when in fact it's something you never should have started in the first place.

I've done this on two or three occasions, because I lied to myself and said, "I can do that, or I will do that consistently," when it went against who I naturally was as a person.

THESE are the type of lies that will get you in trouble – and that you are forced to examine because of this test. The insight you'll glean from this test will save you so much time, money and stress -- and possibly get you on the road to achieving a life you never dreamed you could have.

What If I Discover That Freelance Writing Is Not My Cup of Tea?

Don't worry if this career isn't for you. If you're determined to be an entrepreneur, you'll find your business. Just look at this as part of the hunt and keep searching until you find something that's a fit for you.

The Joys of Being a Freelance Writer

If you decide that freelance writing is indeed a fit for you, boy are you in for a ride. It's one of the most fun, exciting home-based careers around! Because of my vocation, I can:

**Work from anywhere -- I've split my time between the USA and Jamaica (Negril) for years, where I live almost full-time now;

**Work in my pajamas – I do so all the time; so much so in fact that my "uniform" is whatever I went to bed in the night before; and

**Fulfill my love of travel – I've worked from such diverse places as a farmhouse in the country in Cordoba, Argentina; a friend's kitchen table in Duluth, Minnesota; an internet café in New York City; and a hotel room in Stockholm, Sweden. What can I say? I love to be on the go!

**Depend on a stable income. Why/how? Because when you freelance, you don’t just depend on one entity (eg, a job) for your paycheck. You depend on many. So if you lose one client, your whole income doesn't disappear.

I've had as many as 20 or 30 clients at one time. While some gave me much more work than others, it still means income stabilization. I don’t sweat it when I lose a client for whatever reason – because I have others – and other lines of income (eg, writing and self-publishing my own ebooks).

Expand my skill set – which keeps me viable in the marketplace. How, as a freelance writer, you learn how to a lot of stuff!

I do everything from update my blogs; to fixing minor, annoying computer errors; to converting files; to creating graphics; to creating and interacting on social media accounts; to writing and selling entire ebooks online.

Do you think if I'd had a job (which usually comes with a set number of duties), that I'd know even 10% of what I know as a freelance writer? I can tell you without a doubt -- no!

I've had client offer me full-time jobs – which paid a lot more than I earn as a freelance writer – over the years. And it's because I know how to do so much. As a freelancer though, you pick up new skills all the time, if you're progressive enough to dive in and do it.

So, IF you decide – for whatever reason – to go back to a full-time job, you'll stand head and shoulders above the competition.

I could go on and on about the benefits of being a freelance writer. Hey, I love what I do! But now let's get to the assessment test, so you too can decide if this could be a viable option for you.

All the best, no matter what you decide.

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What If I Discover That Freelance Writing Is Not My Cup of Tea? Page 4

The Joys of Being a Freelance Writer, Page 4

Should You Become a Freelance Writer? Why to Take the Test that Will Tell You, Page 8

QUESTION #1. Page 9

How to Tell If You're a Good (Enough) Writer, Page 9

4 Characteristics of "Not Good Enough" Writing, Page 9

How to Become a "Good Enough" Freelance Writer, Page 10

How to Find Classes to Improve Your Freelance Writing Skills, Page 11

QUESTION #2. Page 12

The Hardest Part of Staying Motivated, Page 12

How to Stay Motivated: 7 Tips for Accomplishing Any Goal You Set Your Mind To, Page 12

8 of the Best Sites on the Web to Get Freelance Writing Advice, Page 15

QUESTION #3. Page 18

Places to Work Away from Home, Page 18

6 Things You Should Know When Working on the Go, Page 18

QUESTION #4. Page 21

4 Things You'll Have to Learn to Wait on When You Freelance, Page 21

Slow and Busy Times of the Year for Freelance Writers, Page 23

How to Use Slow Times to Advance Your Freelance Writing Career, Page 23

QUESTION #5. Page 25

Problems You'll Be Called on to Handle as a Freelance Writer, Page 25

QUESTION #6 Page 28

5 Tips on How to Plan for – and Manage – a Growing Freelance Writing Business, Page 28

QUESTION #7. Page 31

The Value of Living Below Your Means When You Freelance, Page 31

Are You "Fiscally Full?" Page 31

How to Thrive Financially as a Freelancer: 5 Insights, Page 31

How to Estimate How Much You'll Owe in Taxes – Quickly! Page 33

QUESTION #8. Page 35

Gaining Insight into Your Financial Personality, Page 35

"Answers" to Money Personality Questions Posed Earlier, Page 36

QUESTION #9. Page 39

How to Say "No", Mean It & Not Feel Guilty about It, Page 39

QUESTION #10. Page 41

How to Stop Procrastinating: 5 Tips, Page 42


What Your Score Reveals: Results, Page 45

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