The Small Biz Owner's Complete Marketing Kit

Want your pipleline to always be full? Learn how to nevre chase business again!

Unsolicited Testimonial: I wanted to tell you how invaluable I found your ebook on marketing to be. I wrote my press release and sent it out on the 10th of May receiving an average of 30 inquiries per hour on my website and orders. I was amazed ...

MARKETING: The Lifeblood of Every Business! If you are going to succeed in business – any kind of business – you must learn how to market. After all, no matter how wonderful your product/service, if no one knows about it, it ceases to exist.

All-too-common reasons many small business owners cite for failing to market are lack of time, money and knowledge. This manual was written to address all three.

The eight ideas discussed within are free and/or low-cost. Further, they can be implemented by anyone and don't require huge amounts of time. My motto is, "If you market consistently to the right group, you will get results — guaranteed!" I have grown two small businesses following this motto and the methods discussed within.

Consistency is the key to almost any goal you wish to accomplish. Professional athletes train consistently; those who want to lose weight follow a plan consistently; those who acquire degrees go to school consistently; etc. It is an almost fail-proof method to achieving anything.

In the free report, Automating Your Marketing Plan, I outline the exact steps you need to take to begin the road to consistency in marketing your business. This is perhaps the most important piece of business reading you will ever do. Why?

Because it shows you how to ingrain a habit that is crucial to the very foundation of your business.

Unsolicited Testimonial

I just wanted to tell you how invaluable I found your 87 page* ebook on marketing to be. I read through it like a ravaged dog that had not eaten in several days. I wrote my press release and sent it out on the 10th of May receiving an average of 30 inquiries per hour on my website and orders. I was amazed when people emailed me and said they heard about my product on the radio. I have had inquiries from three local TV stations and one from Australia, a journalist from Upscale Magazine, Elle, Redbook and Vogue UK. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing. Thanks again. Online Business Owner, Sharon P.

*Note: Page count has been expanded exponentially since book was first written.

Following is a complete Table of Contents.



How to Use This Manual: 5 Steps, Page 2



The Difference between Cold Email Campaigns and Newsletter Marketing, Page 10

How Effective Can Cold Email Marketing Be? My Success Story: 14 Jobs in 1 Week, Page 10

Isn’t Cold Emailing Spam?, Page 10

How to Keep Your Cold Emails from Being Labeled Spam, Page 11

3 Major Benefits of Cold Email Marketing, Page 11


Earning a Consistent Four Figures per Month Publishing Newsletters, Page 13

Why Newsletter Marketing Is So Effective, Page 13

What a Newsletter Should Include, Page 15

Here’s Exactly What to Do to Start Your Newsletter, Page 17

Where to Find Free Content for Your Newsletters, Page 17

How to Get Tens of Thousands of Newsletter Subscribers – In Just Weeks! Page 19

One of the Biggest Mistakes – and Lessons -- I Ever Made/Learned about Newsletter Marketing, Page 20

12 Things to Look for in Email List Management Software, Page 21

How to Create an Email Campaign: A Step-by-Step Tutorial, Page 23

8 Ways to Increase the Chances of Your Newsletter Subscribers Buying from You, Page 25

How Many Dollars Is Each Newsletter Subscriber Worth? Page 29


4 Major Benefits of Marketing with Postcards, Page 31

Overview: The 4 Elements of an Effective Postcard, Page 32

How to Create Sales and Lead-Generating Postcards: 4 Tips, Page 34

The 3 Best Ways to Make Postcards Work for You, Page 35

How to Create an Effective Postcard Campaign: 6 Easy Steps, Page 36

Marketing with Postcards: What Response Rate (ROI) Can I Expect? Page 37

What Types of Businesses Can Really Benefit from Marketing with Postcards, Page 37

Where to Find Affordable Postcards Online, Page 37

Postcard Mailing: How Much Will It Cost to Send My First Postcard Campaign, Page 38

Learn More about Marketing with Postcards, Page 38


What Is a Press Release? Page 39

The 6 Elements of an Effective Press Release, Page 39

How to Make Your Press Release Relevant, Page 40

The Difference between Press Releases and Web Articles, Page 41

The 4 Best Ways to Make a Press Release Work for You, Page 41

3 “Been Around a Long Time” Free Press Release Sites, Page 42

The 5 Sections of a Press Release, Page 43

Guide to Writing a Press Release, Page 44

How to Submit Press Releases to Free PR Sites, Page 46

Press Release Example, Page 48

SEO Press Release: What It Is and Why It’s Extremely Important to Do It, Page 56

How to Get Your Press Release in the Top Positions in Search Engine Results, Page 57

SEO & Press Releases: Learn More, Page 63

Why You Should Learn to Write Your Own Press Releases, Page 62

Hire Professionals to Write Your Press Release: Online Sources, Page 63

How Much Does It Cost to Write and Distribute a Press Release, Page 63


What Is Article Marketing, Page 63

The Controversy Surrounding Article Marketing Today, Page 64

Why I No Longer Care about Google, Page 65

What Is an Article Directory?, Page 65

How Does Writing and Distributing Free Articles Get Me Sales and Leads? Page 66

Resource Box: What It Is & How to Use It Effectively, Page 66

2 Essential Keys to Writing a Money-making Resource Box, Page 67

What are Backlinks and What Do They Have to Do with Article Marketing? Page 68

Good Backlinks; Bad Backlinks: What They Are and Why They Matter, Page 70

The 3 Main Benefits of Article Marketing, Page 71

Article Marketing: What to Write About, Page 72

Where/How to Distribute Your Articles -- 5 Channels, Page 72

The 2 Best Ways to Make Free Article Distribution Work for You, Page 75

What You Should Know about Article Spinning Software, Page 7

Article Marketing Checklist: Does Your Article Contain These 8 Elements? Page 78

Free Article Marketing Tutorial, 79

Example: The Perfect Article – A Diagram, Page 82


What Is a Sales Letter? Page 85

The 4 Most Important Elements of a Successful Sales Letter, Page 87

How to Start a Sales Letter: 4 Ways That Work! Page 89

Layout of a Sales Letter, Page 89

Earn Thousands of Dollars Writing Sales Letters, Page 90

Average Cost of a 500-piece Sales Letter Campaign, Page 91

Sample Sales Letter, Page 92


The 4 Main Reasons Every Web Entrepreneur Needs a Website / Blog, Page 97

What’s the Difference between a Website and a Blog? Page 98

The #1 Thing to Consider When Trying to Decide Whether to Get a Website or a Blog, Page 99

The Web Design Process: 5 Steps to Getting a Website, Page 99

How Businesses Get Their Websites / Blogs to the Top of Search Engine Results, Page 103

How to Register a Domain Name, Page 103

Insight into How to Choose a Web Designer / Web Design Company, Page 103

Questions to Ask All Potential Web Designers, Page 103

Pages You Should Absolutely Have On Your Website/Blog, Page 107

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company, Page 107

The Web Hosting Company I Recommend, Page 108

Web Hosting Costs, Page 110

Why to Stay Away from Free Web Hosting Companies, Page 110

How to Create Effective Web Content in Four Easy Steps, Page 110

Finding a Freelance Writer/Editor/Content Developer: What to Look For, Page 111

What You Need to Know about Maintaining / Updating Your Site, Page 113

About Marketing Your Website/Blog, Page 113


Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Use Social Media, Page 115

The Most Popular Social Media Sites, Page 115

YouTube Statistics – Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore This Social Media Outlet! Page 116

A Really Cheap Way to Get Videos to Put on YouTube, Page 116

How to Select Which Social Media Sites to Interact On, Page 116

5 FREE Ways to Build a Responsive Social Media Community, Page 117

The Best Way to Create Traffic (and Get More Sales and Leads) Using Social Media, Page 118

Social Media Productivity Tools, Page 118


FREE REPORT #1: The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make — And How You Can Avoid Them! Page 120

FREE REPORT #2: How and Why to Automate Your Marketing Plan, Page 123

FREE REPORT #3: How to Use the Internet to Increase Sales No Matter What Your Business Is, Page 127

Good luck!

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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