Postcards Marketing: A Simple Guide to How to Do It Right

Postcard marketing is very effective. For less than it costs to mail a letter, you can spread the word about your business and increase sales from your on or offline business.

But, you must learn how to do it right so you don't waste time or money. This ebook shows you how.

The following is an excerpt (a pullout) from the ebook, The Small Biz Owner's Complete Marketing Kit! A Complete How-to, Shoestring Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs.

Postcard marketing – one of the eight marketing ideas discussed in the above-mentioned ebook – is very low cost. It can be implemented by anyone and doesn't require a lot of time.

This ebook details how to market via this medium – the right way.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher


4 Major Benefits of Marketing with Postcards, Page 4

Overview: The 4 Elements of an Effective Postcard, Page 5

4 Features of Effective Postcards, Page 7

The 3 Best Ways to Make Postcards Work for You, Page 8

Create an Effective Postcard Campaign in Just 6 Easy Steps, Page 9

Marketing with Postcards: What Response Rate (ROI) Can I Expect? Page 10

What Types of Businesses Can Really Benefit from Marketing with Postcards, Page 10

Marketing with Postcards: Where to Find Affordable Postcards Online, Page 10

Postcard Mailing: How Much Will It Cost to Send My First Postcard Campaign, Page 11

Learn More about Marketing with Postcards, Page 11

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