Marketing with Press Releases: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

I've gotten radio interviews, features in major newspapers and magazines . . .

and tons of other press -- all by distributing FREE press releases. You can too. This ebook tells you how.

The following is an excerpt (a pullout) from the ebook, The Small Biz Owner's Complete Marketing Kit! A Complete How-to, Shoestring Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs.

Marketing with press releases – one of the eight marketing ideas discussed in the above-mentioned ebook – is free and easy to do! And, it doesn't require a big time commitment. Following is a step-by-step plan of how to market via this medium – the right way.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher


What Is a Press Release? Page 4

The 6 Elements of an Effective Press Release, Page 4

How to Make Your Press Release Relevant, Page 6

The Difference between Press Releases and Articles, Page 6

The 4 Best Ways to Make a Press Release Work for You, Page 6

The 5 Sections of a Press Release, Page 7

Guide to Writing a Press Release, Page 9

How to Submit Press Releases to Free PR Sites, Page 11

Press Release Example, Page 12

SEO Press Release: What It Is and Why It’s Extremely Important to Do It, Page 21

How to Get Your Press Release in the Top Positions in Search Engine Results, Page 22

Where to Find Keywords to Use in Your Press Release, Page 23

SEO Your Press Release: A Free Tutorial, Page 29

Why You Should Learn to Write Your Own Press Releases, Page 30

Hire Professionals to Write Your Press Release: Online Sources, Page 30

How Much Does It Cost to Write and Distribute a Press Release, Page 31

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