From Startup to Success

First-hand advice on what it's like to start and grow your own business.

If you're looking for first-hand advice on what it's like to be a home-based business owner, this ebook delivers a personal, educational, insightful look. Learn the mistakes NOT to make and save thousands in dollars and years in time!

I have been a freelance writer since 1993. I've run several successful businesses from home since then -- both online and off. The information in this ebook is for all aspiring or struggling entrepreneurs -- no matter what kind of business you're in or want to start.

I am the publisher of, an authority site on how to start, grow and maintain a freelance writing business. I have also authored 10 ebooks and a freelance writing e-course to date (August 2008). More ebooks are on the way!

In the in-depth report, From Startup to Success!, I answer the following questions in detail -- and quite a bit more:

1. How I got started?

2. How I went from full-time employee to small business owner?

3. How I learned to get clients?

4. How I learned what to charge?

5. How I initially financed my business?

More Startup Questions Answered & Personal Insight Given to First-Time Entrepreneurs

Additionally, I point out seven things you should do from the beginning that will help you become successful that much sooner.

Starting from the beginning, I tell you how I acquired my very first clients, what I did when I lost my biggest client two months after quitting my job, how I financed my first business, lessons I learned from running two businesses from home -- and more.

Answers to these questions contain insight into how I learned to market with nothing (literally), what I learned about loans, financing a business with credit cards (yes, there is a time for this!) and personal finances in general — all of this information is central to running a business successfully.

Many think there's a mystery to owning a business. It simply is not true. Anyone who really wants to can do it. Via this insightful account, you learn the mistakes NOT to make, which can save you thousands of dollars and make success possible that much sooner -- no matter what kind of business it is.

Here's to your success!

Following is a complete Table of Contents



About My Very First Business, Page 5

A Business Owner Speaks: The “Mystery” of Owning a Business, Page 6

Who This Information Can Help, Page 6


1. How did you get started? Page 7

3 Big Lessons I Learned from a Failed Business That’s Helped Me to Succeed, Page 7

2. How did you go from a full-time employee to owning a business? Page 8

The Advantage of Running a “Small” Business, Page 9

3. How did you learn to get clients? Page 9

Why It’s Critical to Spot – and Grab – Opportunities Even When They Aren’t on Your Business Plan, Page 9

4. How did you learn what to charge? Page 10

Why You Must Learn to Charge Enough; What Can Happen If You Don’t, Page 11

Factors to Consider When Setting Rates/Prices/Fees, Page 11

5. Did you get a loan to start your business? Page 12

About Getting a Small Business Loan, Page 12

When to Use Credit Cards to Finance Your Small Business – Yes, There Is a Time When It’s OK to Do This in My Opinion, Page 13  


I. About Credit, Page 14

II. About Recordkeeping, Page 14

III. About Getting a Lawyer and Accountant, Page 14

IV. About Getting a Business Mentor, Page 15

The Best Piece of Business Advice I’ve Ever Received, Page 16

V. The 4 Secrets to Small Business Success, Page 16

VI. About Developing a Thick Skin, Page 16

VII. About You, Page 17


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